I always wish you’d be the kind of person who’d ask me “what’s wrong?” when you think I’m not in the mood and I feel under the weather. 
No matter how hard I figure things out why it happened to be that our supposed to be best friends relation ended up so much in confusion.
I don’t want to wake up one day realizing we are no longer best friends. You do not want me in your life anymore that’s why you have already decided to leave and forget things about me.
I have always been there for you. Those all yeses I have given you of all things you have asked for. The fights like cats and dogs we had not thinking you would actually leave me because I was then sure we would be soon okay. I don’t want to find or meet someone else and would start from scratch; getting to know each other, going out, sharing secrets, ranting about anything and then finally feeling that “thing” I have felt when I have convinced myself that perhaps it’s you who’s going to be my number one. Did you ever feel you’re the most important person in my life besides my family? I meant, after all the things that we have been through, did I ever matter to you? 
There are some regrets I have in me. Regrets that I did not take when I had chances. I just don’t regret keeping these things from you. At least now that I’m already gone, no one would bother you anymore about anything.
— rfkil


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